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Central Relief Drainage Project

Public Meeting

Public Meeting Notice

MARCH 15, 2018    |    6:30 PM
301 YORK STREET    |    LOUISVILLE, KY 40203

MSD will hold a Pardon Our Dust Meeting concerning the Central Relief Drain Overflow Mitigation project in the Old Louisville area (Magnolia Avenue). This meeting will provide an opportunity for community to learn more about the construction activities and schedule.
The Central Relief Drain Overflow Mitigation Project is a project that will reduce the frequency and volume of combined sewer overflows (CSOs) into MSD’s Central Relief Drain (a storm line that flows to the Ohio River). This is accomplished by rerouting CSOs to portions of the combined sewer system with greater capacity as well as adjusting combined sewer overflow dam elevations in order to optimize flow through the combined sewer system.

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Central Relief Drain Overflow Mitigation