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Project WIN Consent Decree

Public Resources

In order to keep the public informed and educated on the scope and status of MSDs efforts in meeting EPA and KDOW requirements as set forth by the MSD's Consent Decree, this depository of public documents is being made available. This list is periodically updated as documents are made public or as submissions are accepted by government agencies. It is also being used by MSD to document when information about Project WIN is published and the audience to which it was directed.

Library Library

  •  Library
    •  Consent Decree
    •  Consent Decree Reporting
    •  Consent Decree Required Documents
    •  Integrated Overflow Abatement Plan
    •  Integrated Overflow Abatement Plan (IOAP)
    •  IOAP Public Input Meeting Materials
    •  Public Education Materials
    •  Water Quality Synthesis Reports (MS4)
    •  Water Quality Treatment Center Permits and DMRs
    •  Wet Weather Stakeholder Team Meeting Materials
Table that lists the contents of the current directory