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    Greetings All! My name is Kid WIN!

    I'm the Project WIN Team Mascot. I'm here to help educate our youth about behavioral changes we all can make to help our community become a safer, healthier environment to live in and enjoy by improving our community waterways TOGETHER!

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MSD collection system has 3200 miles of sewers, 282 pumping stations and 20 water quality treatment centers. Did you know - If M&Ms were water and you had 10,000, the number of M&Ms equal to fresh surface water in the world is slightly less than ONE?!?! Did you know that we have sewers that are big enough to drive a train through? Our flood protection system holds back up to 52 feet of water. Like Science? MSD uses multiple sciences daily: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Meteorology, Geography, Geology, Agriculture. Did you know MSD treats and recycles enough solids from the wastewater to fill approximately 15 – 10 foot round, 3 foot deep swimming pools? We treat 182 Olympic swimming pools of wastewater every day at Morris Forman Water Quality Treatment Center. That’s 120 million gallons a day! Beargrass Creek Flood Pumping Station can pump 12.3 billion gallons in a single day… that’s the same amount of water that’s in Kentucky Lake. Our Morris Forman Water Quality Treatment Center is built on the site of a Civil War fort. Jefferson County is about 390 square miles. A 1 inch rain is 6.8 billion gallons of water. Some of our combined sewers are over 100 years old.

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