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Construction is Completed on Green Infrastructure Demonstration Projects


In order to help validate implementation of ‘green’ infrastructure practices for 
stormwater control and sewer overflow reduction, MSD committed to building 
green infrastructure demonstration projects at various sites around Louisville’s 
combined sewer system. At the end of 2010, many of the projects were finished, which are now infiltrating stormwater.

These initiatives use a number of project techniques—such as permeable pavers, rain gardens and biofiltration swales—and infiltrate approximately 8 million gallons of stormwater in a typical year. 

MSD is currently in the process of collecting post-construction sewer flow data, which will be compared with preconstruction flow data to estimate the true effect on system flow.This information will be of assistance in enhancing the placement and design of the green practices. 

It also will provide initial, real-world justification for utilization of these techniques to control overflow. During the next few years, MSD will be constructing additional projects, both individually and in clusters, along with monitoring devices of different sorts to establish the success of these controls for decreasing stormwater, improving water quality and other anticipated effects.

The following demonstration projects have been constructed.

  • Billy Goat Strut Permeable Alley
  • Congress (2300 Block) Permeable Alley
  • Downtown Scholar House Green Project, at Breckinridge and Oak Streets (limited access)
  • Louisville Metro Housing Authority Vegetative Roof, at 801 Vine Street (limited access)
  • MSD Main Office Building Rain Gardens, at 700 West Liberty Street
  • Office of Employment Green Parking Lot Practices, at Seventh and Cedar Streets
  • Romano L. Mazzoli Federal Building 
  • Green Parking Lot, at Sixth Street and 
  • Muhammad Ali Boulevard (limited access)
  • West Gaulbert Avenue and West Hill Street 
  • Permeable Alley