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The IOAP Is Available At Your Public Library!

By: Montaze Trumbo

Tell MSD what you think about the proposed modifications to the $850 million revised Integrated Overflow Abatement Plan (IOAP) for our community. 

After several months of public meetings, MSD is getting ready to submit a revised IOAP plan that will substantially reduce raw sewage overflows into Louisville Metro streams and the Ohio River. 

Before we formally submit it to the Environmental Protection Agency and Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection, we want to hear final public comments and incorporate as many as possible. 

The IOAP is available for review through Friday April 12th, 2013. Comments will be accepted until 5 p.m. on this day. You can review the plan and submit comments as follows:

  1. Visit the reference desk at your public library to view a hardcopy of Volume 1, which is an overview of the IOAP. The full IOAP is available online for download at You can find it under the Integrated Overflow Abatement Plan folder. 
  2. A paper copy of the full IOAP will be available for review at MSD at the address listed below.
  3. Mail or deliver written comments before 5 p.m. on Friday, April 12, 2013.

Mail or Deliver Comments to:
MSD IOAP Comments
Attn: Project WIN Program Manager
700 West Liberty Street
Louisville, KY 40203

For Questions about the MSD IOAP plan, Please Call MSD at (502) 587-0603.