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Proposed 2012 IOAP Modification

By: Montaze Trumbo

In 2006, planning began on the Integrated Overflow Abatement Plan (IOAP), the plan required by the Amended Consent Decree (ACD) to control sewer overflows and improve water quality in Louisville Metro.  The IOAP was approved by the Federal and State regulators in September 2009. 

Parallel to the development of the IOAP for submittal to the regulatory agencies, MSD began implementation of an aggressive program to install long-term sewer flow monitoring equipment at numerous locations. 

This equipment measures how full the sewers are flowing during rain events versus dry days.  This data is used to refine the sizes of projects such as storage basins, providing the most cost effective solutions for sewer overflow reductions.  

MSD is developing these proposed project modifications based on changes to project size, location, technology and schedule only.  The overall program cost and end compliance dates will not be impacted. 

The proposed 2012 IOAP Modification was developed utilizing the same benefit/cost methodology previously defined by the Wet Weather Team Stakeholder Group for the 2009 approved plan.  This modification achieves a higher overall benefit to the community through earlier overflow reduction, increased use of green infrastructure and acknowledgement of pertinent public input.

Please refer to Table 1 at this link for a summary of the project modifications along with a revised project schedule for the IOAP.  Summary technical justification for the proposed revisions and background can be found in the full 2012 IOAP Project Modification Package.

Part I can be found here

Part II can be found here

Public meetings to share information on the proposed modifications are scheduled for November 8, 13 and 15.  Information on these meetings can be found here.