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MSD’s Capital Consent Decree Program is Right on Track


The Amended Consent Decree lists a suite of 123 projects that MSD has committed to complete by 2024. The budget for completing these projects is $850 million. They have been developed to reduce combined sewer overflows (CSOs) and eliminate sanitary sewer overflows as part of the following plans: the Long-Term Control Plan, Interim Sanitary Sewer Discharge Plan, Sanitary MSD’s Capital Consent Decree Program is right on track Sewer Discharge Plan and Integrated Overflow Abatement Plan.  

MSD has initiated 56 of the 123 projects, and completed 10 of the projects. A 
highlight of the completed projects is the Beechwood Village Sewer Replacement 
Project, which includes 524 residential plumbing modifications and 575 new property service connections. The contractor completed 23,565 feet of cured-in-place-pipe lining of the existing sewers, epoxy-lined 120 manholes and removed 231 sump pumps from the sanitary sewer.
Completed projects:

  • Ashburton Pump Station Improvements
  • Beechwood Village Sewer Replacement
  • Billy Goat Strut Permeable Alley
  • Work on the Sinking Fork Interceptor Relief, on Shelbyville 
  • Road across from Beechwood Village, was completed in December 2009.
  • Brandeis Apartments Rain Garden 
  • Congress (2300 block) Permeable Alley
  • MSD Main Office Parking Lot Rain Gardens and Previous Pavement

Sixteen projects, or 13 percent, are now under construction. These initiatives vary—from the massive Derek R. Guthrie Water Quality Treatment Center (WQTC) expansion to flood pumping stations and sanitary sewer improvements; green demonstration projects; and large interceptor projects. The Southeastern Interceptor Relief, Hikes Lane Interceptor and Northern Ditch Diversion Interceptor are three of the large interceptor projects. These projects will construct more than 26,000 feet of new sanitary sewers, ranging from 60 inches to 84 inches in diameter, when they have been completed. 

Projects under construction: 

  • Beargrass Interceptor Rehabilitation Phase 2
  • CSO 108 Dam Modifications
  • CSO 206 Sewer Separation 
  • Federal Building Green Parking Lot
  • Floydsburg Road Pump Station Inflow/
  • Infiltration Investigation and Rehabilitation
  • Fourth Street Flood Pump Station 
  • Dry Weather Overflow Elimination 
  • Government Center Pump Station Elimination 
  • Guthrie WQTC Expansion
  • Running Fox Pump Station Elimination
  • Sinking Fork Interceptor Relief
  • West Gaulbert Ave./West Hill St. Permeable Alley
  • Woodland Hills Pump Station Diversion
  • Hikes Lane Interceptor
  • Louisville Metro Housing Authority Green Roof (located at 801 Vine Street) 
  • Northern Ditch Diversion Interceptor
  • Scholar House Green Project
  • Seventh and Cedar Green Parking Lot 
  • Shively Interceptor
  • Southeastern Interceptor Relief and Diversion Structure
  • 34th Street Flood Pump Station 
  • Dry Weather Overflow Elimination